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Library General Information


Library History

In the beginning of the foundation of our school in the year 60, the library has been established in the school building. With the rapid development of the school, the increasing number of students, the library has been constantly expanding the collection of books and reading equipment. Currently the library is located at 3-7 floor of the Library Information Building, where in the 7th Floor, the audiovisual media center can provide the readers with computer services and audio-visual equipment. The book collection has reached 45 million copies. Besides, the library also provides the readers with the information retrieval, library use education, and audiovisual media enjoyment.


Library Organization


Library Space

Currently the library is located in the Library Information Building, three to the seventh floor of the map data (area 6165.2m2 (about 1,800 pyeong) It offers readers the widest space and quiet reading environment. The common reading area has 1124 seats for the readers to use as self-study purposes.


Future Prospects

The library intends to combine the cultural education of information and creative natural concept of technological life and make the use of library become the part of the students’ life.  The participation of more and more new members in the library will continue to promote the spinning wheel of the new generation library.